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A Little About Aminophylline Cream

Aminophylline was initially created in tablet form to treat asthma, bronchitis, and wheezing; When a clinical study was conducted,it was found that it also helped reduce fat build up. It was coined as a "miracle drug," after studies did, in fact, show it helped reduce fat build up and the appearance of unsightly skin.

Louisiana State University conducted this ground-breaking research. George D. Lundberg, MD, who is editor in chief for Medscape, wrote about how the research proved the cream could eliminate the appearance of fat immediately with use. In Medical Minutes he also notes that:
" The fact that many people struggle with weight loss, and can now apply a topical solution to fix this struggle, is truly amazing. A study was conducted at Louisiana State University, where one placebo group, and one using the Aminophylline 27/mg tablet, were on a similar 1200 calorie diet, to determine if the use of the cream could help with fat loss, and lowering BMI. During the 12 week study, the placebo group only lost 5 cm, while the group using Aminophylline lost 11 cm; no indication as to whether the BMI had been reduced was found. Although it was a small test group, it was a truly telling result, and showed that the use of Aminophylline, did in fact help those who were trying to lose the body fat."

Medscape also provided further findings, from this Aminophylline research study:
"The body mass index (BMI) was also significantly reduced in the 12 week period; the difference between the two groups was the 11 cm versus 5 cm lost around the waist line, of the group not using the Aminophylline. The waist to hip ratio was also reduced, in comparison to the first group that was only doing exercise, and results also showed that results were greater in women, in comparison to men using the product. No adverse side effects were found either, which further enhanced the results of the study."

The latest contributor to the Aminophylline success is television; it has been promoted as a "miracle solution" to weight and fat loss, and a powerful, cutting-edge solution for those who struggle with fat loss, through diet and exercise alone.

Although there is no permanent solution to cellulite loss, Aminophylline cream does prove to be the closest and best solution to helping reduce the appearance of the unsightly body fat, and proof shows it also helped reduce overall BMI and the circumference around the waist of users. Not only is it a powerful solution to the weight loss epidemic battle, it is also a product that is readily available. It can be produced legally online, and it can also be applied in the comfort of your home, once you receive the Aminophylline cream, through the online order that you place for it.

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