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Aminophyl Starter

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Aminophyl Cellulite Cream: Starter Kit

Not only have studies been done, television doctors have recommended it; so get started with your starter kit, a one month supply of Aminophylline cream, diet guide, and other items, to get you on your journey, to dropping the weight. A sure difference, in a short 4 week period of time.

Money back guarantee:

As this is a product you are using daily, it is important to order through a trusted supplier, which we are. In addition to the 90 day, no question asked money back guarantee (the only one industry-wide), we also will pay you $10, if you are not happy with the product. Simply try it for 3 weeks, and after 21 days, if you aren't happy, just send it back for your full refund.

Quick ordering, secure online process:

The 90 day, no question asked return policy is only the start of it; in addition to delivering a trusted product, and quality ingredients, when you order our Aminophylline cream, essentials kit we also promise:

  • Free same-day shipping on all orders before 4pm MST. 
  • All our products are made in the US, in FDA registered facilities, ensuring optimal ingredient blends, and the safest production standards are in place. 
  • A no auto billing promise, if you want to order more, simply call in to order. 
  • Customer service team is on site, to answer your questions at any time, even if you are not a current customer, who wants to learn more about the kit. 
  • A complete diet guide, and other bonuses. 

No matter what your desired goals are, with the Aminophylline cream, and additional listings you get in the starter kit, it only takes 30 days for you to start to see a big difference.

Aminophyl Starter Kit

90-Day Money Back Guaranteed
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