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Wholesale and Affiliate Programs

If you have an online site, or if you run a local shop, join forces with a product that is sure to sell. We tailor to your needs and no deposits or minimum orders are required. For online and local retailers, we have something for you; we can drop ship, passing lower prices down to you as a customer.

At no additional charge we:
- Provide white labeling services.
- Handle package deliveries.
- Personalize package needs for you.
- Offer free, same day shipping.
- Require no deposit, so you can order your Aminophylline cream.


To learn more, click this link.

Drop shipping needs

If you have a site or store, but don't want to deal with inventory costs, we are here for you. With dropshipping, you do not have to pay a deposit, or order a minimum amount of Aminophylline cream. You can order daily, weekly, or as needed, and have no future obligations to us; we package, label, and ship to you, when you send in the payment for your order size. If you have to return, we only accept unopened bottles. To learn more, write to us at dropship@originalcellulitecream.com.


If you own a shop, requiring stock of 10 or more at once, we provide orders of 10 or higher for our Aminophylline cream. We also offer discount tiers, for higher order amounts; simply reach us at wholesale@originalcellulitecream.com, to place an order, or find out about pricing. You can also fill out the form below for more information.

Please note are sent UPS ground, and are not next day delivery, and for returns, we only accept bottles that have not been opened for full returns.

90-Day Money Back Guaranteed
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